Why Should I Use a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

If you want to sell your property in the United States, currently there is only one service which is reliable and significantly effective: the multiple listing service (MLS).  According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of all homes sold are sold via the MLS.  So does this statistic justify that if you are selling your home, … [Read more...]

How Much Commission Should I Offer to a Buyer’s Agent

When you list with us, you’ll literally save thousands of dollars.  Our service allows you to list your home on the Local MLS for a flat fee, and only pay the buyer’s agent side of the commission, and only if they find you a buyer.Before you decide, perhaps a quick explanation on how this works. The traditional method of selling a home … [Read more...]

Advertise On Realtor

Customers can use MLSToSell’s flat fee MLS Listing service to list their homes in their local MLS in Florida for a low flat fee instead of paying the typical 6 percent real estate commission if they advertise on Realtor.com. Additionally, ListWithFreedom offers its flat fee MLS listing service which gives customers’ homes full exposure on … [Read more...]

Buyers Rebate Florida

ListWithFreedom is an online realtor service using the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which is a database that allows real estate brokers representing sellers under a listing contract to more widely share information about properties with real estate brokers who may represent potential buyers or wish to co-operate with a seller’s broker in … [Read more...]

Discount Realtor Florida

Any realtor is in the game for money and any way of saving money is a welcome way. One of the ways is to find a means of reducing operating costs to the minimum. Costs that are associated with realtor business include agent fees and listing fees. There are companies that offer discount realtor services while offering the same services as … [Read more...]