Discount Realtor Services Florida

Any Realtor is in the game for money and any way of saving money is a welcome way. One of the ways is to find a means of reducing operating costs to the minimum. Costs that are associated with realtor business include agent fees and listing fees. There are companies that offer discount realtor services while offering the same services as … [Read more...]

Flat Fee Realtor Florida

So you are in real estate business for money or you are simply trying to sell your home because you are moving, upgrading or downgrading. In these hard economic times, every penny counts. A flat fee realtor makes economic sense because for the price of only one fee, you will be making savings on advertising your house or property, but … [Read more...]

Home On MLS Florida

When you make the choice to sell your home without retaining the services of a real estate agent you put yourself at a disadvantage. You can use all of the help you can get to bring your house to the attention of as many buyers as you can. Sure you can list it in your local newspaper, but that only goes so far and does not really reach … [Read more...]

List My Florida Property

"I realize that trying to sell my house right now is going to be difficult, as the current housing market is flooded with homes. I could always choose to list my Florida property with a realtor as long as I do not mind paying thousands more than I can afford in commissions and fees, but is trying to sell it myself really worth the hassle … [Read more...]

List My Home Florida

For those trying to sell their own home in Florida the market may be worse that it has been in many years and this raises a lot of questions that need to be answered especially when they are trying to sell it without having to go through a Realtor. By far the biggest question that most people ask is "Is this a good time to list my Florida … [Read more...]