FSBO Florida

If you're thinking about selling your home, you are no doubt aware of the ups and downs that are going on in the current market. In these conditions, the best strategy is to do whatever you can to make your home stand out from the competition. A first step is to make any needed improvements to your home to make it as presentable and … [Read more...]

FSBO MLS Florida

How is using ListWithFreedom.com for FSBO MLS Florida properties less expensive than the traditional methods of listing a home? As you know, traditionally, people work with a realtor who acts as an agent to help you sell your property. Part of the agreement with the agent is that as the seller, you will pay a fee or percentage of the final sale … [Read more...]

Discount MLS Listing Florida

Traditionally, listing and selling a home involved approaching a listing agent, getting the house listed and waiting for the agent to reel in potential buyers through the listing and through open houses. Most agents do the business part-time and the few who are motivated enough or a rich enough to make it a full-time job are priced way … [Read more...]

Sell My House Florida

There is some good news. The good news is that real estate commissions seem to be falling, which means less out of my pocket when I am looking to sell my house in Florida. The monopoly that Realtors have held over the Multiple Listing Service system is finally weakening as a result of comprehensive web sites that enable the public to … [Read more...]

Sell My Property Florida

By law, real estate commissions are negotiable. What is meant by this is that commission rates are determined independently by each individual real estate company or brokerage, that they are not set by any governmental body, real estate board or association. Additionally, some real estate companies will allow their salespeople or agents, … [Read more...]